Our Approach

Our Approach

Nordic Clean Air is your partner in providing the best indoor air quality for your employees, customers, and family.

Our philosophy is to complete all projects on time, on budget and as described in the scope of work. If a deviation is necessary, for example, we find a broken duct or blocked vents during the inspection or cleaning, it will be dealt with in the safest and most effective manner.

Our client's satisfaction is our number one priority. HVAC duct cleaning, mold and asbestos abatement, and radon mitigation are unique in that they are usually out of sight, and often out of mind, and all of our projects will be finished by delivering a pre and post project report that details the work complete, inspection photos.

Our Story

Meet the Team

Nordic Clean Air brings a team with over a decade in delivering large and small projects in a variety of settings - industrial, commercial and residential. Our network of industry partners and satisfied clients will attest to the professionalism and quality of work that comes with hiring Nordic.

Specializing in HVAC system cleaning, inspection, repair, asbestos & mold abatement and radon gas mitigation, let us be your indoor air quality partners.

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Darren Roach

Founder & President

Darren prefers to discuss projects on the golf course prior to getting the job done. In the winter time, you might have to head down to the curling rink to find him but the phone is never too far away.

  • BBA in Business and Administration (UNBSJ)
  • 10 Years experience in hazardous abatement and ventilation cleaning
  • Certified In Hazardous Abatement (All-Tech)
  • ASCS Certified (NADCA)
  • All relevant safety training up to date
  • Two-Time NB Mens Provincial Amateur Golf Champion
  • Two-Time NB Men's Curling Champion
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Jared Furlong

Project Manager

Dusty? Allergies Acting Up? Poor Air Smell?

Did you know the average household produces on average "40lbs" of dust and debris per year?

Is the air in your home, office, facility or business cause of concern?.... Give us a call and we will be happy to come take a look, offer our advice and map out the next steps.